# Date Notification
1 New2019-03-11

We have closed Paypal as a payment option on the website !! If you want to upload via paypal write us on Skype : a4yush1

5% Bonus on Perfect Money and Payoneer payments from now. 


2 2018-07-16

If a link has too many followers and is dropping there wont be any refill in that link. No Matter what. Our drops are equal in all links and no links drop 100% if you have issues do not order.


How To Place Order :

To place an order go to New Order

Then select a service by clicking on icon, say Youtube

Then related available 'category' will be loaded. Now select the 'category' and 'type' within that 'category' will be loaded.

Finally when you select a 'type', related description will be loaded inside the description box, with range of quantity.

Now you can add one link or multiple links inside the link box, but make sure all the links should follow recommended format, otherwise order will not submit.

If there is any error in input of link box, a popup alert will show the reason for the error with line number, so that you can easily correct it.

When you hit the submit button, if everything is corret you need to insert password for verification.

Possible Errors when you hit the submit button :

1. Link format is not correct, so check recommended format.

2. Quantity is not in range, so check description box.

3. Error due to unaccepted blank space.